Now save almost 16% on almost everything – MediaMarkt is giving away VAT!

Until Monday, February 12th at 9 a.m., MediaMarkt has almost its entire range in the amount of the included VAT discounted and you can save a lot on hardware etc.

This is what is offered: Regardless of whether it’s PC hardware, smartphones, televisions or household appliances – as part of the current VAT campaign at MediaMarkt you can get almost everything for 15.966 percent cheaper.

Only certain manufacturers, such as Apple or Amazon, and prepaid cards, for example, are excluded. Otherwise, virtually every product category is represented, but only while stocks last.

Now for the promotion at MediaMarkt

That’s why 15.966 percent discount: Although the VAT is 19 percent, the discount is 15.966 percent because it is calculated based on the price including VAT.

Example: An item costs 1 euro without VAT. If you add the 19 percent, the price is 1.19 euros. But if you subtract these 19 cents again, that is 15.966 percent of 1.19 euros.

The deducted discount is only displayed with the final price in the shopping cart, but beforehand you can see the amount in euros by which the previous price will be reduced.

VAT campaign at MediaMarkt

Highlights of the VAT campaign at MediaMarkt

We have already introduced you to some of the highlights since the campaign started, but due to the sheer number of discounted items, it is of course worth browsing through MediaMarkt’s online shop yourself.

For example, there is a fast M.2 SSD with 4 TB of storage space for a whopping under 200 euros thanks to the discount. In addition, the popular VR headset Meta Quest 2 is currently a real bargain.

There is also good value for money in the form of Google’s strong mid-range smartphone Pixel 7a with its high-end camera for under 370 euros. The PS5 Slim is also currently available at the lowest price during the promotion.

You can also get a cheap mobile gaming rig with an RTX 4070 laptop, the Nintendo Switch OLED or the Asus ROG Ally. You can find all discounted items on the overview page at MediaMarkt.

Now for the promotion at MediaMarkt

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Here we go: From now on, MediaMarkt will once again give you VAT on almost all products!

by Jonas Herrmann

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