Now comes the verdict on the murder that started the wave of violence

Today comes the verdict for the murder that started the bloody wave of violence last fall.
A 58-year-old woman, mother of the gang leader Ismail Abdo, called Strawberry, was shot dead in her home in Uppsala.
Five people have been charged for being involved in various ways.
Two of them are suspected of murder.

Ismail Abdo and Rawa Majid become mortal enemies and there is a split within the Foxtrot network sometime in the summer of 2023. A shooting against Majid’s followers takes place abroad and on September 6 of last year, the revenge that will change the lives of many will come.

According to the indictment, a 20-year-old man and a 15-year-old boy were assigned to kill Abdo’s mother. They get to the Brillinge residential area on the outskirts of Uppsala on electric scooters. The 20-year-old takes out a revolver and fires a shot through an open window. It hits the 58-year-old woman in the heart.

Order murder of the mother

According to the prosecutor, it was a contract killing. The woman’s family fled abroad shortly after the murder for fear of more attacks and today the house is empty.

– It is clear that it has been tough and life will never be the same again. They have lost a beloved mother, no matter what threat they live in, they will never get her back, says Kronje Samuelsson, plaintiff’s assistant to the Abdo family.

The murder of the mother started a bloody gang violence spiral that claimed many lives last autumn. Even people who are not at all connected to the gang war fell victim. Majid and Abdo’s supporters targeted relatives and many relatives on both sides have been forced to leave the country for security reasons.

Has not claimed damages

After the trial, the prosecutor wants the 20-year-old to be sentenced to life imprisonment for murder and a 15-year-old boy to four years of closed youth care. In addition, the woman’s child and husband will each receive 110,000 kroner in damages, which in total will be close to a million kroner.

Ismael Abdo has not demanded any damages, emphasizes the plaintiff’s counsel.

– There have been strong emotions throughout the process. Regardless of the verdict in the district court, I’m pretty sure it will be appealed, says Kronje Samuelsson.