Now a maker is apologizing for his death

Now a maker is apologizing for his death

In the current season of The Simpsons, the Grim Reaper has struck again. This time it hit a regular character who had been part of the cult series since season 1: Larry Dalrymplewhich was an integral part of Moe’s Tavern next to Barney Gumble.

Now a Simpsons producer has apologized to fans and spoken about the reasons for the character’s death.

The Simpsons wants to use Larry’s death to remind people of the value of life

In an interview with Variety, Simpsons co-producer Tim Long spoke about the reasons for the regular character’s death, which was not easy for those responsible themselves:

I’m sorry if some fans are upset, but we really wanted to use Larry’s death to show that even the most insignificant people in our lives have dignity and value and that we should not take anyone for granted.

He further explained the intention of the tragic episode:

The episode is about many things, but above all about the fear of death. Simpsons characters have always had unusually rich emotional lives and this episode is really about their fear of ‘what’s next’ (and I don’t mean ‘Krapopolis’). What I find bittersweet about this episode is that it It took Larry’s death to make Homer and his friends appreciate him – and each other.


Larry Dalrymple in The Simpsons

In the 15th episode of the 35th Simpsons season, Larry is found dead by Moe in his tavern. He and Homer then go on a road trip to scatter Larry’s ashes.

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