November 5 (5/11): Tips, suggestions & analysis

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Stoppage of play: Saturday 5 November, at 15:59

1. Everton – Leicester, 2

Leicester started the season incredibly weak, but have now started. In the last game, they went to a loss, but 0-1 against Manchester City is no shame. Before that they beat Wolves 4-0 and before that Leeds 2-0.

Everton does not convince, and is the team that has scored the fewest goals in the entire series. In addition, they have a weaker squad than Leicester. We nail the 2nd. Here you can read more about betting tips for Everton – Leicester.

2. Manchester City – Fulham, 1

Manchester City are on 14 straight home wins, and here they face newcomers Fulham. Admittedly, it is a newcomer who impressed, but we find it very difficult to see them disrupting City. Erling Braut Haaland seems to miss the game, but this should still be a victory without problems. Saving this match would be a waste, because this will end in home victory.

We have written a longer betting tip for Manchester City – Fulham, which you can find via the link.

3. Leeds – Bournemouth, 12

Leeds are coming off a morale-boosting win against Liverpool, which took the team to safe ground in the table. Here you meet a Bournemouth that comes from three straight losses. However, the fact that the 1 is crossed out to over 60 percent does not feel reasonable, especially considering that Bournemouth is ahead of Leeds in the table. It is often all or nothing with Leeds, and we choose to play a “fork” here. 12.

4. Nottingham – Brentford. X2

Brentford started the season brilliantly, but have since dropped in performance and in the team’s last away game there was a 0-4 loss against Aston Villa. After all, they are in 11th place, which is in no way a shame for a club of Brentford’s caliber.

Nottingham Forest have only won one of their last ten games, and that victory actually came against Liverpool, in their last home game. The three-pointer was unfortunately followed by a 0-5 loss against Arsenal. Nottingham may have a more famous team than Brentford, but Brentford are still more connected and feel heavier here. We play X2.

5. Wolves – Brighton, X2

Roberto De Zerbi finally claimed his first victory as Brighton manager, as Chelsea were beaten back 4-1. But even though the three-pointer was delayed, the game has been looking good throughout for De Zerbi’s team.

Wolves have difficulty scoring, and lack several key players in the offensive. We believe more in Brighton here, but at the same time don’t dare to nail them. X2 feels good.

6. Blackpool – Luton, 12

Luton lacks several players in the defensive end, and the coach thus has a lot to think about before he announces the starting eleven for this match. We keep Luton as a better team than Blackpool, but the question is whether they are enough defensively here. It is difficult to know how well the newly composed back line will hold together, and we are betting on a so-called “gubbardering”. 12.

7. Middlesbrough – Bristol City, 1

Middlesbrough is finally breathing new, fresh air after the change of manager. Michael Carrick took the club to a 3-1 victory in the first home game, and now they hope to take new points. Here you meet a Bristol City that have looked weak lately, and have only taken one point in the last three games. We nail the home team.

8. QPR – West Brom, 2

Fourth-placed QPR host second-placed West Bromwich, and at first glance it’s hard to see why the odds keep away team West Brom as favourites. But the fact is that QPR have significantly overachieved in terms of expected goals, while West Brom have a squad for significantly higher table positions than at the bottom. After the change of coach, things have looked better, and they are coming off a win against Blackpool. The Swedish people have stared blindly at the table, and here we see great value in West Brom. The 2nd is nailed!

9. Rotherham – Norwich, 2

Newcomers Rotherham started the season strongly, but the lively start has faded and in the last four games they have taken just one point. Most recently, they led 2-1 against Burnley when the clock ticked up to 90 minutes, but still lost 2-3. The decision came in minute 100 (!). Heavy loss for Rotherham, who are struggling at the moment.

Norwich is doing all the better, and the team holds a playoff spot. Here we nail the 2 without much hesitation.

10. Stoke – Birmingham, X2

Two low-scoring teams – both forward and back – meet in Staffordshire. Last season, both matches between the teams ended in a draw, and it feels like a reasonable outcome this time as well.

Stoke has been the series’ second-worst home team this season, and here we manage without the 1st in a match where the value is also higher on the right. We play X2.

11. Sunderland – Cardiff, 1

Cardiff are having a hard time at the moment. In the last five games, they have four losses, and in those games they have also only managed to score two goals ahead. No team in the entire league has scored fewer goals than Cardiff. It also doesn’t help that they have their best striker, Callum Robinson, suspended.

Sunderland doesn’t praise the market right away, but is still a clearly stronger team at the moment. They have now also got players back both from injury and suspension. We nail the 1st.

12. Swansea – Wigan, 1

Newcomers Wigan are the Championship’s most out-of-form team, with five consecutive defeats. Swansea are doing all the better, and especially at home in Wales where they have won four straight. Here we leave the 1 alone.

13. Watford – Coventry, 1X2

Swedish meeting between Ken Semas Watford and Viktor Gyökeres Coventry. Both teams are in form, and this match is more open than the scoreline – which mainly ended up with Watford – suggests. We choose to stay away, and keep our fingers crossed that Coventry gets points.

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  • Number of rows: 96 (SEK)
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