Nostradamus predicted a death and a revolution in 2024 and his prediction is surprisingly very accurate

Nostradamus predicted a death and a revolution in 2024 and

Amazing events are announced by Nostradamus for 2024.

The world is eagerly awaiting the year 2024, a year that could be marked by extraordinary events, at least according to the fascinating predictions of Nostradamus. In his enigmatic texts dating from the 1550s, constantly interpreted and overinterpreted with varying degrees of seriousness in our time, the famous French prophet spoke of certain “events” that could shape the course of the coming year.

Nostradamus, for example, announced major natural disasters for 2024, including tsunamis and devastating floods. All followed by a “great famine”. Until then, we can say that this is not really a coup on the part of the prophet, since floods and natural disasters, followed by human tragedies, unfortunately happen every year.

Another troubling prediction for 2024 concerns a possible international conflict, which is expected to play out over several months. Nostradamus speaks of a “red adversary” who will frighten the “great ocean”. Today’s readers might be tempted to see a rise in tensions with Russia or in Asia, particularly between China and the United States, red being today associated with the great communist country. But Nostradamus didn’t really have this color in mind when he thought of China in the 16th century…

Nostradamus, on the other hand, is much more precise about the disappearance of a man in 2024, a surprisingly very clear prediction. The prophet is indeed considering the death of the current pope and the election of a new pope next year! According to Nostradamus, the death of the “very old Pontiff” will lead to the election of a “Roman of a good age”. A prediction which echoes the speculations which have accompanied the declining health of Pope Francis in recent months…

The latest prediction for 2024 is also very concrete. And if it comes true, France will never again have the opportunity to receive a British sovereign at Versailles. No more luxurious receptions like those organized for Camilla and Charles III recently. For what ? Nostradamus is said to have predicted that a “king of the islands” would be “driven out by force” and replaced by someone who bears no “mark of a king.” In short, a revolution.

Although the text does not explicitly mention a name, Nostradamus experts suggest that it relates to the King of England, considered the principal king of the Isles during the prophet’s time. This prediction is therefore clear: Charles III would be forced into exile. According to Mario Reading, analyst and author of the book “The Prophecies of Nostradamus”, contacted by The Mirror, this prediction could indicate a resignation of King Charles III, which would mark a resumption of the British for royalty and an aspiration for the Republic .

As a reminder, Nostradamus’ earlier predictions, which included predictions about the death of Queen Elizabeth II, turned out to be accurate, reinforcing the focus on his writings for 2024.