Norwegian media: Swedish and Norwegian defense forces rented Russian-owned cabins | Foreign countries

Norwegian media Swedish and Norwegian defense forces rented Russian owned cabins

According to a Norwegian TV channel, the locals call the cabins “Russian cabins”.

The Swedish and Norwegian defense forces have rented cabins in Norway owned by Russian politicians connected to the Russian leadership, for example during military exercises. The Norwegian newspaper Nordlys reported on this over the weekend.

It’s about the cabins located in the cabin village in Målselv in northern Norway, with a view of the Bardufoss air base. There are also other activities of the armed forces in the region, and it is an important military alliance for NATO.

The owners of the cabins were found out by a Norwegian TV2 channel together with the investigative journalism center Dossier Center. The Dossier Center was founded by a Russian oligarch currently living in exile Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

According to TV2, the locals call the cabins “Russian cabins”. The channel says that one of the owners is the mayor of Murmansk Igor Morarwhich belongs to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the party and who has repeatedly expressed his support for Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. Morar has not wanted to comment on the news to TV2.

According to TV2, the cottages are also connected to the Murmansk Regional Duma To Viktor Sajgin and his daughter. TV2 has not reached Sajgin, and although the daughter initially said she was willing to comment, she has since not answered the channel’s inquiries.

The Norwegian security authorities last warned in their threat assessment in February about an increase in Russian intelligence in Norway.

Also for rent in a NATO exercise

Cottage village representative Ole-Johan Pedersen tells the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys that both the Swedish and Norwegian defense forces have rented cabins, most recently in March during the Nordic Response 24 exercise.

The spokesperson of the Swedish Defense Forces tells the news agency TT that the Defense Forces has not been aware of the matter and the matter is being investigated.

The Norwegian Security Police PST has confirmed to TV2 that the Norwegian Defense Forces have rented cabins and that the matter has already been resolved. The spokesman for PST has told TV2 that if the landlord is a Russian citizen possibly connected to the Russian leadership, it does not matter who the tenant is.

Prime Minister of Norway Jonas Gahr Störe tells TV2 that Norway needs to closely monitor who owns real estate in Norway and whether the ownership could be a security threat.

In Finland, Norwegian media were quoted earlier at least Helsingin sanomat newspaper and Evening News.