North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is to meet Putin in Russia

The last time Kim Jong-Un and Vladimir Putin met was in 2019. Now the leaders are expected to discuss the possibilities for North Korea to provide Russia with more weapons to use in the war against Ukraine, sources told The New York Times.

According to the newspaper’s sources, Putin wants artillery shells and anti-tank robots.

In exchange, Carl Fridh Kleberg says that North Korea wants to buy high-tech products, among other things.

– Then, of course, prestige is very important for North Korea. It means a lot for North Korean leaders to come abroad and have summits.

“Relatively close relationship”

The relationship between Russia and North Korea is special, says Carl Fridh Kleberg. The countries have cooperated in the past, for example, North Korean workers have come to Russia in connection with infrastructure projects or major sports competitions.

– It is obviously based on a relatively close relationship between these countries.

The fact that Kim Jong-Un travels to Russia is also simplified by the geographical situation because the countries are neighboring countries.

– By all accounts, Kim Jong-Un doesn’t fly at all, but trains.