North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s statement that increased the tension in the region! ‘We will respond with nuclear weapons’

North Korean leader Kim Jong Uns statement that increased the tension

North Korea continues its missile tests without slowing down. After the missile test carried out yesterday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un intimidated the USA and South Korea. The North Korean leader said they would “respond to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons, and front-line conflicts to front-line combat.”


North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un made a statement after yesterday’s intercontinental ballistic missile test. Kim, who oversaw the exercise personally, stated that there was no change in long-term security policies, stressing the need to “instill fear in the enemies and guarantee the peaceful life of the people by irreversibly strengthening the deterrence of nuclear war.” Noting that they will “continue to fight the United States and South Korea, which are openly hostile to North Korea and frequently organize large-scale military exercises on the Korean Peninsula and its surroundings,” Kim said that their policy against the enemy “is an irreversible, heavy burden of anti-North Korean military moves against them.” He underlined that the aim is to make them understand that it will bring a threat. Calling on the country’s strategic armed forces to continue preparations for an “immediate response”, Kim said that they would “respond to nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons, and to front-line conflicts with frontal combat.”



Just before the historic Japan-South Korea summit held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan yesterday, North Korea launched an intercontinental ballistic missile, raising tensions in the region. The Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile, launched as part of the military exercise, was successfully tested. It was recorded that the missile, which reached an altitude of approximately 6 thousand 45 kilometers and covered a distance of a thousand kilometers in 69 minutes, successfully hit the target determined in the East Sea, and the purpose of the exercise was to “deliberately escalate the tension in the Korean Peninsula and to respond to irresponsible military threats despite the serious warnings of North Korea.” It was emphasized that the aim was to “warn the applicant enemies” and “to make the risk of armed conflict becoming a threatening reality understood and to show more clearly the will of North Korea to counterattack at any moment with crushing offensive measures”.

Source: UAV