North Korean hackers ‘steal $400M worth of cryptocurrencies’ in 2021

North Korean hackers steal 400M worth of cryptocurrencies in 2021

Blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis has claimed that North Korean hackers carried out at least 7 cyberattacks on platforms where cryptocurrencies are traded last year.

According to Chainalysis, the hackers who carried out the attacks stole about $400 million worth of cryptocurrencies.

In a report released to the public today, Chainalysis noted that cyberattacks primarily target investment firms.

“In 2020, the number of North Korean-based cyberattacks on cryptocurrencies was four. This number was seven last year. In 2021, the value of stolen cryptocurrencies was 40 percent higher,” the report said.

Lazarus Group

Chainalysis thinks that most of the cyberattacks in the past year were probably orchestrated by the Lazarus Group.

The group is believed to be under the control of the North Korean Intelligence Service.

The US imposes sanctions on the Lazarus Group.

The United Nations has previously accused North Korea of ​​carrying out cyber attacks to finance its nuclear and ballistic missile programs while avoiding international sanctions.

North Korean hackers stole about $81 million from the Bangladesh Central Bank in 2016, and were on the verge of stealing $1 billion.

North Korea was also blamed for the cyber-attack on the film production company Sony Pictures in 2014, and the WannaCry cyberattack in 2017, which affected more than 150 countries and inflicted billions of dollars on hospitals, companies and banks.

Pyongyang’s administration denies accusations regarding the cyber attacks.