Nokia Will Break New Ground with Its New Phone Call Technology!

Nokia Will Break New Ground with Its New Phone Call

Pekka Lundmark, CEO of Nokia “shocking audio and video” He made phone calls using a new technology called. According to the company, new search technologies improve the quality of the call and add a three-dimensional effect for a more realistic listening experience. The demonstration meeting was held with Stefan Lindström, Finnish Ambassador for Digitalization and New Technologies.

Nokia, new 3D search method expects it to become standard soon. They have therefore encouraged network providers, chipset manufacturers and mobile phone manufacturers to work on the latest technology and implement ‘scope’ search into their products.

The purpose of this new development is similar to Google’s Project Starline. However, Nokia’s immersive search technology has fewer requirements than Google’s. The CEO effectively demonstrated the future of voice search. Reportedly During display of 2G call was there too.

Both the technology underlying the search and the end result remained largely the same for a long time. When the technology was first developed, Paging used intense compression to reduce the file size required for transmission. Although multi-channel high quality audio transmission is possible with the existing infrastructure, we still use the monophonic system. Nokia’s 3D voice-based comprehensive search feature is a significant contribution to search technology. That’s why it provides it.

Nokia 2780 Flip

Nokia’s latest contribution won’t just let you hear the speaker on the other end. it also allows you to visualize the environment at the other end. “This is the biggest step forward in the live voice calling experience since the introduction of monophonic phone audio used on smartphones and PCs today,” said Jenni Lukander, president of Nokia.

One of the advantages of this new search method is Experience the 3D effect No need for special audio devices. It is reported that only a stereo microphone setup is required to create the immersive effect; This is already available on almost all new smartphones.