Nokia made the first voice and video call with spatial audio

Nokia made the first voice and video call with spatial

Nokia, one of the most important companies in mobile communications, made the first voice and video call using 3D spatial audio. realized.

Nokia phones are no longer prominent, but the mobile technologies developed by the company are still at the center of the industry. What brings the company to the agenda today in terms of mobile communication is First voice and video call using 3D spatial audio was realized. Made possible by 5G Advanced technology “3GPP Immersive Video and Audio Services (IVAS)” This meeting, using the codec, was a demonstration of the future. It is said that currently there is a connection made over the cellular network. all phone calls are monophonic, meaning the audio is compressed onto a single channel. Spatial sound, on the other hand, is transmitted through more than one channel. making it sound like it’s coming from different directions. In this way, a more immersive experience can be achieved. According to the company, the majority of current smartphones can transmit 3D audio over a 5G connection. However, there is still a long time for this technology, which promises a much more natural and impressive communication experience, to become widespread.


Nokia has been working with Türk Telekom for 6G in recent months. signed a “Goodwill Agreement” with The statement made on this subject was as follows: “Turkish Telekom, Turkey’s leading information and communication technologies company, continues its work and investments with the aim of offering the most advanced technologies to its users, while continuing its collaborations with the world’s leading companies both locally and globally. In this context, aiming to accelerate Turkey’s digital transformation by developing 6G-based products and services, Türk Telekom signed a Goodwill Agreement (MoU) with Nokia, one of the world’s leading brands in mobile, fixed and cloud technologies, within the scope of 5G, 5G-Advanced and 6G technologies. . Within the scope of this collaboration, Türk Telekom and Nokia will work together to realize industrial applications of 6G and develop the ecosystem, as well as sharing a strategic vision for 6G network transformation and the development and testing of 6G-based products and services. “