Nokia 3210 2024 Version Coming Soon!

Nokia 3210 2024 Version Coming Soon

3210, the once-legendary push-button phone from the years when Nokia was the industry leader, is getting ready to be released with its new version. It is one of the most used models in the years when mobile phone use became widespread in our country. Nokia 3210 2024 version coming out soon. The known features of the phone, which is expected to be introduced in May, are in our content…

Nokia 3210 2024 Version Coming Soon!

Nokia’s legendary model 3210, After 25 years is on the market again. According to a shared image, HMD Global is working on the new version of the Nokia 3210 model. Continuing to renew Nokia’s iconic push-button phones, HMD Global came to the fore with one of the brand’s most used phones.

As seen in a launch image leaked to the internet, HMD Global It seems to have stayed true to the main design features of the 3210. It is obvious that the button layout of the new 3210 is the same as the button layout of the original. This is an important detail because 3210 The button layout is one of the elements that make it unforgettable.

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HMD Global, which brought the device to modern standards without damaging the main elements, seems to have made the design suitable for 2024. As seen in the image, the device has a rear camera. Nokia logo It is located on the back of the device and the HMD emblem is also located at the bottom of the back.

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Nokia 3210 is a device developed without losing its retro look. 4G connectivity and Bluetooth It has a feature. In addition, some changes have been made in the battery section and the battery life has been extended. HMD Global This device developed by; It seems to attract a lot of attention as it meets the needs of our age but has a nostalgic meaning. We can say that this news is very exciting, especially for individuals who were young in the 2000s.

Nokia 3210 2024 Model Features and Price!

Technical specifications of Nokia 3210 2024 model There is not enough information about it yet. However, for those wondering, we should point out that the device is expected to be introduced and released in May. According to reports, HMD is expected to introduce this phone to the user in May. So, all the features of this legendary model of Nokia will be revealed soon.

In addition to all these, one of the most curious details is, of course, how much the price of the device will be. Although there is no information about this yet Nokia 3210 2024 model The price is expected to be around 100 dollars.