No wonder Samuel L. Jackson wants to return as Mace Windu in his own series 19 years later

No wonder Samuel L Jackson wants to return as Mace

One of the coolest characters in the Star Wars prequels is without a doubt Mace Windu. The Jedi master portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson stabs with his purple lightsaber blade even from the dustiest battlefield of Geonosis. However, in Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, the character meets an extremely inglorious end.

Mace Windu series on Disney+? Samuel L. Jackson is definitely up for a Star Wars return

To mark the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, the British film magazine Empire sat down with the stars of the prequels and talked about their roles. The question arose for Jackson as to whether he would be interested in one after all these years Mace Windu series on Disney+ would return.

“YES TO EVERYTHING!!”, is the Hollywood star’s unmistakable answer. To Windus Death scenes in Episode III This exuberant enthusiasm is certainly understandable. As impressively as George Lucas stages the conclusion of the prequel trilogy, the fight between Windu and Palaptine (Ian McDiarmid) is… underwhelming.

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Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu

No sophisticated lightsaber choreography, no dramatic environment like Mustafar’s sea of ​​flames: the scene in which Windu and his Jedi squad want to arrest the Chancellor, who turns out to be a Sith Lord and later becomes the Emperor, has always worked a bit half-hearted. Much more would have been possible here.

Isn’t Mace Windu dead? Samuel L. Jackson is firmly convinced that the Jedi Master is still alive

Jackson’s desire for a Mace Windu return sounds like it’s what he wants Setting the Star Wars legacy straight. But how is that supposed to work if the character is long dead? How did Mace Windu survive the fall in Episode III after being grilled by Palpatine? “HE IS NOT DEAD!!!”says Jackson with conviction in the interview.

Maybe he’s right. Star Wars has brought back numerous characters thought to be dead in recent years, from Darth Maul to Palpatine himself. Many fan theories imagine Mace Windu as Survivors of Order 66 before. So there are definitely some ways for Jackson to pick up the lightsaber again.

Who knows, maybe one day Lucasfilm will actually decide to give Jackson his Star Wars version of Logan – The Wolverine admit. After years in obscurity, a veteran hero is given one final mission. Last but not least, there are many Mace Windu stories from the Expanded Universe that could be picked up.

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