no slammed door, a sequence ended

no slammed door a sequence ended

After the meetings in Geneva and Brussels, the OSCE ended this Thursday, January 13 in Vienna an intense diplomatic ballet to defuse the risk of a conflict in Ukraine, emphasizing ” urgency of a relaunch of the dialogue on security in Europe. Three meetings which have a positive point: no slammed door, and a sequence which has come to an end, despite threats from Russia to interrupt them at any time.

With our correspondent in Moscow, Anissa al-Jabri

The substance of the declarations, like their tone, still does not suggest a way out.

I see no reason to sit down in a meeting again in the next few days, and start the same discussions again “. This is the comment of the Deputy Foreign Minister on Russian television. Sergei Ryabkov, in the form of a review of the week, accuses the West of lacking flexibility and above all of making proposals on subjects that are certainly interesting, but secondary in the eyes of Russia.

At the same time, the United States distills its own threats every day: that of a devastating and rapid response in the event of conflict. US senators have even gone so far as to propose sanctions for the Kremlin inner circle and the Russian president.

Response from the spokesperson for the presidency: Sanctions against a head of state is a measure that would cross a line, it would be equivalent to a severance of relations.

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In a country that expects to see the Omicron wave break, “ maybe the worst we will have to go through said the mayor of the capital, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov spends most of his daily press briefings responding to Russia-West relations.

The real meeting could well, in any case, take place next week, with a written response from the United States to Russian requests.

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