No Nut November: a challenge good for men’s health?

No Nut November a challenge good for mens health

The month of November is an opportunity for men who wish to participate in “Not Nut November” or NNN. What does it mean ? What are the rules for this challenge? Does it have any health benefits? Mischief? Lighting with our specialist doctors.

The “No Nut November” (or NNN) returns every year in November. But what is it ? A challenge to promote the detection of a disease? To call for a donation in favor of a great cause? Not at all. “No “means” no “in English. “Nut” means “nut” in its classical translation and can refer to the testicles in a graphic way but also be used more vulgarly to “ejaculate”. And “November” for the month of “November”. “No Nut November” means “No ejaculation in November”. It’s a challenge that offers men not to ejaculate for a month, in this case the month of November. No masturbation and no sex therefore to avoid any accident! Because if “The man can control ejaculation during sexual activity, as long as he is below the ejaculatory threshold. Beyond that there is no more control possible recalls Dr. Sylvain Mimoun in the book “The male universe”. In short: the man who participates in Not Nut November must be sober for a month if he wants to take up the challenge.

This challenge was first launched in 2010 but was popularized from 2017 on the American social network Reddit. More than 100,000 men have subscribed to the dedicated page for the event. For which benefits at the arrival ? “No scientific study has shown any benefit or negative effect of abstinence for 1 month” answers us Dr Ala Chebbi, urological surgeon and andrologist at the Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group. So what interests ? To show oneself voluntary, courageous ? On Twitter, during the 2021 challenge, the sports influencer Tibo InShape said “never let it down“Others, anonymous, declared that it was necessary “stay strong”. “I am not not sure it’s very good psychologically, comments on Dr Antoine Faix, urologist, andrologist and sexologist from the French Association of Urologists (AFU). And physiologically it is surely not neutral. For the sperm for example, its quality is less good after 4 to 5 days. So it is not better if one waits to have sex. On the contrary, it is even the reverse. If the challenge was at least to draw attention to pathologies of the male genital system, to promote consultation with young men to talk about sexual health, male contraception or self-palpation of the testicles or the screening for cancers in the elderly, it would make more sense but here we are not far from the moron ” concludes our interlocutor.