No more paperwork, Caf will automatically pay this aid

No more paperwork Caf will automatically pay this aid

There will no longer be any need to complete applications to receive social benefits.

It is a reality that often goes under the radar: the number of people who are entitled to one or more social aids and allowances and who do not request it. This phenomenon, invisible to the general public, nevertheless does exist. The figures bear this out. For example, one in three people who have no income forget to apply for Active Solidarity Income (RSA) and half of the people eligible for the activity bonus do not receive it.

To overcome this phenomenon, a new system will be put in place very soon. Without taking any steps (or almost), you will be able to automatically receive the RSA, the activity bonus or even housing assistance. No more need to call Caf, fill out files, provide the same document for the umpteenth time… The money will arrive directly in your account.


A very small validation will simply need to be done beforehand: the CAF will send, to all its beneficiaries, a form automatically completed with the various incomes, on the same model as the pre-filled tax return. It will then suffice to check the amounts and validate the document. From there, the information will allow CAF to pay you the social benefits to which you are entitled. The frequency of sending the form is not yet known.

This system, called “Solidarity at source”, should in particular allow thousands of French people to receive the Active Solidarity Income (RSA), the Activity Bonus and the APL while avoiding all the administrative work. Often, due to the difficulties of the procedures, lack of awareness of the aid, or a desire not to receive help, many households do not receive the money to which they are entitled.

The automation of the payment of this aid will begin from October 2024. Four departments have been selected to test the implementation of this change: Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Hérault, Aube and Alpes-Maritimes . In these territories, CAF recipients will therefore receive a document to certify their income and obtain the resulting aid. This testing phase should be fairly brief. According to the timetable provided for by the reform, all CAFs must move to this organization from March 2025.

However, it should be noted that only people already receiving aid from Caf will be affected by the system. Not all French people will therefore receive the document mentioning their income, allowing them to know whether or not they can receive a social benefit.