No lightening for commuters in Mälardalen – there may be fewer departures throughout 2023

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In the train timetable for the autumn, 44 departures per day were deleted to reduce just canceled departures. The train company’s problems are due to many different factors, above all a major lack of staff.

“Can’t spell”

– There is a shortage of train drivers in Sweden. I can’t troll, we’re trying to find everyone we can. I would rather not argue about the train drivers who are there with our competitors, but want there to be enough drivers to run all the train traffic, says Frida Ukmar.

MTR has had a rough start. According to Frida Ukmar, the company expected to get more train drivers from SJ when it took over as operator for Mälartåg. She also mentions the pandemic as one of the reasons for the train chaos. They have also demanded that staff work overtime, which has led to many resigning, according to her. Now MTR is investing in its own internal train driver training, in addition to the recruitment that is already being done. According to Frida Ukmar, this means that people can expect ongoing changes.

Want to be ready in 2024

Mälardalstrafik’s CEO Helena Ekroth waved the flag for Eskilstuna-Kuriren this weekend that the situation with a reduced number of departures may persist throughout 2023. Frida Ukmar believes that nothing is clear yet and that discussions about a new train timetable in Mälardalstrafiken are currently being held.

In the clip, you hear Frida Ukmar about MTR’s future forecast and how she sees their train traffic at the moment.