No fake news, just science: why we are launching Mag Futura

No fake news just science why we are launching Mag

Since the start of the pandemic, science has faced a wave of mistrust and disinformation with an intensity rarely achieved. However, we are convinced that it is more necessary than ever. In the era of fake news, Futura wants to make science even more accessible by developing its first print magazine. Presentation of this project which has animated us all with fervor for several months.

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[EN VIDÉO] Le Mag Futura, first edition
Futura has launched a new challenge: writing a paper magazine! This review focuses on four major questions that we explore through surveys, reports or major interviews. This Mag is a big bet for an independent web media and that is why we need your support.

Futura’s first paper mag is coming. We tell you why we launched this new challenge.

Choosing a magazine on paper

Present on Internet for two decades, Futura has embarked on the adventure of a paper magazine by 2022. We have chosen this more organic format in dimensions of a mook, halfway between the magazine and the book, of more than 200 pages to offer you a beautiful object richly illustrated, in addition to its texts, and without any advertising. A format that lends itself beautifully to our vision of this opus who wants to combine wonder and passion for science with reflection and scientific popularization.

The Futura mag therefore promises to be a beautiful object, as we like them, pleasant to hold in hand, to leaf through, and even to smell, a mook that you can read quietly on your sofa by the fireplace or on your balcony, which we “peck” through the pages, stopping by chance on one of its files, which we read without forgetting the clock ticking, and which we can consult in order or disorder, at its own pace.

Our Mag Futura will be printed in France (which is rare for beautiful books) on paper from European forests managed sustainably with eco-responsible Blue Angel certified inks and shaped with eco-compatible glues based onrubber tree. In terms of manufacturing, printing and shaping, no subcontracting is planned, the magazine will be produced entirely at Aubin Imprimeur (149 employees in France).

A complementary magazine of the site

Our Futura paper Mag is meant to be different and also complementary to the site that you know. At the heart of the project, four major files developed in exclusive interviews, stories, field reports, etc. on scientific subjects that are in the news, or that will do so in the years and decades to come. Taking time is the key word of this book which wants to invite everyone to sit down and meditate …, but meditate in the sense of deep reflection, and far from the ambient noise and saturated with hectic daily news.

We wanted to launch this project this year, because Futura has just turned 20. The idea had been trotting in our heads for a long time, but the anniversary was the trigger to turn this dream into a concrete reality.

Science for everyone

Faithful to theDNA of Futura which makes it a point of honor to make scientific news accessible to all, with the constant concern for rigor, in complete independence, our magazine has of course been lovingly simmered by our journalists who have a passion for popularization .

In our time troubled by fake newsmakers and pseudo-experts, it has become more important to us than ever to brandish our attachment to the enlightenment that the sciences throw on the Universe, our unwavering independence, and the need to popularize so that everyone nurtures their critical thinking. This is what we want through the subjects that populate these 200 pages. And scientific rigor does not mean austerity in the treatment of information. On the contrary, we want to make science attractive, to give the keys to understanding and deciphering our world in profound change.

We all loved working on this project and we really hope you enjoy it.

“What a pleasure to constantly move from exploring the cosmos to exploring our cells and plants! Science deals with universal subjects; we hope to transmit to all its vertigo and its wonders through this magazine. »Vincent Lucchese – Editor-in-chief of Futura magazine

An extraordinary adventure that needs you

Will there be other numbers? It will be up to you. Because we want this adventure which aims to infuse and disseminate science to as many people as possible to last as long as possible, 20 years and beyond. It will be a high-quality paper magazine, devoid of any advertising, and which aims to meet you every year, to you curious readers and science lovers. The Magazine offers distilled, sourced and verified information, analyzed with experts and in complete independence. Because we need it more than ever.

So, to turn this bet into a success, we need your help and support. May you be our knowledge and science ambassadors. You can already help us by reserving the first number, by offering it around you. A great gift idea for Christmas, sparkling with ideas andintelligences.

Long live science, and long live the future!

The whole team thanks you for your precious support.

Unheard of: Futura launches its very first paper magazine ! A 200-page review, 4 files on Science that will mark 2022.

For this adventure to succeed, Futura needs you. Meeting on Ulule to support the project and participate in its launch. More than ever, let’s make Science accessible to as many people as possible. #LeMagFutura

So, ready to embark on the Mag Futura?

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