Nissan and Honda form an electric car partnership

We need affordable electric vehicles

Nissan And honda, Recently, it was said that partnerships could be established for different electric cars for the future. This partnership is now verified.

As it has now been officially announced Nissan And honda coming together. In this context, the two giants may come up with a common electric car platform in the future, and many budget-friendly vehicles may come from this platform. This step, which seems logical in order to reduce sales and production costs on the electric side, is still at an early stage, but the work is expected to progress quickly. Japanese giants, who have a great need for such a partnership against Chinese electric vehicles with incredible price-performance ratios, have shared hardware as well as He states that they will also work on the software side. Speaking in recent months, Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe said, “We need affordable electric vehiclesaudio with description brought. Like almost every manufacturer, Honda is interested in the electric side, and it knows very well that it needs affordable electric vehicles that it can sell in large quantities in order to make money in that category. Stating this clearly, the company will introduce a fully electric sedan in 2026, as reported. That vehicle will most likely replace the Civic..


The next vehicle from the company after this model will be a fully electric SUV. Working to reduce electric vehicle prices with lower-cost and lighter new generation batteries Toshihiro Mibe, CEO of HondaWe need more affordable electric vehicles to increase sales volume. It is not easy to bring an affordable electric vehicle to the market, even if it is jointly developed, but we are working on such a model on our own.” he explains.