Nintendo Switch Oled: the ultimate family game console

Nintendo Switch Oled the ultimate family game console

Friendliness. This is arguably the word that best describes this update to Nintendo’s hybrid console. If fans will be a little unsatisfied, anyone considering a Switch can indulge themselves without hesitation.

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The Nintendo Switch is arguably the most innovative video game console of recent years, combining mobility and gaming comfort on the big screen like never before. But now, one of its main promises, namely the possibility of playing easily with several people using the Switch placed on a table, has been compromised by a concern for design. This is the kickstand used to keep the console in balance. Far too small and fragile, it frankly does not inspire confidence. Not to mention the fact that it only offers one possible tilt for the screen.

The new Nintendo Switch Oled corrects this problem, with a completely redesigned kickstand that is much more practical. Also on the menu, a new screen Oled more spacious and more storage space. So what is this evolution without revolution worth?

Design: new, old, better

Let’s be clear, the Switch Oled is absolutely not a new Switch. It should be seen as an update of the original model which corrects a defect and brings a welcome facelift thanks to the Oled screen. The general design hardly changes, except for the access door to the player of the game cartridge which is now much less easy to open. We still wonder why.

For the rest, we are still on a modular concept designed for three modes of use: on a television when the Switch is inserted in its docking station; nomadic with the two Joy-Con controllers connected on either side of the screen; multiplayer by placing it on a table thanks to its new crutch. The latter now occupies the entire width of the console and you can orient it according to the angle of your choice. From now on, there is no longer any fear of seeing the console tottering on its small end of plastic too frail. You can easily put it on a stable support, or even on your knees.

Suddenly, playing with several around the screen becomes much easier and the promised user-friendliness is there. We enjoyed a series of four Mario Party Superstars and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sessions, taking advantage of the quality of the Oled display.

An Ethernet port for a more stable connection

There is a real aesthetic change to the side of the docking station, the upper corners of which have been rounded off. Add to that a new white finish, and you have a slightly more elegant and go-anywhere accessory to place not far from the TV. The connection access hatch is completely detachable. We still have two USB-A ports to connect controllers and the HDMI port to connect to the TV which still offers Full HD up to 60 frames per second. Those who hoped for a 4K compatible Switch should take their troubles patiently …

There is still an important novelty with the arrival of an Ethernet port. A very interesting option if your Internet box is not far from the Switch because you can then opt for a wired connection which will offer you a more stable connection and perhaps also more efficient than the Wireless. Note that this new docking station is compatible with the first generation Switch and that the new Oled Switch can be placed in the old dock. Ditto for the Joy-Con controllers which are interchangeable.

A much more comfortable Oled screen

If the kickstand marks an undeniable ergonomic improvement, the major novelty is the Oled screen. Nintendo managed to fit a 7-inch slab in a chassis barely wider than the LCD model (24.2 cm versus 23.9 cm). If the difference in size with the previous 6.2-inch screen may seem minimal, the gain in visual comfort is noticeable. The edges around the screen are much thinner and the display area goes to 76.1 against 61.6%. A difference that is felt especially when playing with several people on the Switch screen in table mode. We feel a little more at ease. And above all, Oled technology brings much greater visual comfort to the LCD poster.

On an Oled slab, the pixels issue their own light and can switch off completely and individually. It is thanks to this that we obtain an unparalleled depth of blacks and a level of contrast almost infinite much vaunted with Oled televisions. So many display qualities that we have been able to appreciate on titles with licky graphics such as Metroid Dread, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Luigi’s Mansion 3 or Hyrule Warriors. We won’t go so far as to say that we’ve rediscovered these games in a whole new light, but there’s no question that the Switch’s Oled screen magnifies them.

We also welcome the fact thatautonomy of the console in nomadic mode (4.5 and 9 hours) remains equivalent to that of the “classic” Switch using the same 4.310 mAh battery. Under the hood, the processor has not changed (a Tegra from Nvidia), but the storage has been doubled from 32 to 64 GB. You can always increase the storage space of the console with a microSD card to be purchased separately.

Futura’s review

This new Switch Oled has no detrimental defect and the difference of around fifty euros with the initial model is fully justified. The original Switch is still in the catalog and we can currently find it around 270 euros with the set of promotions. If tabletop mode isn’t your thing and you plan to play almost exclusively on your TV, this is a more affordable option. Conversely, the Switch Lite (around 200 euros currently) is interesting for mobile gamers who do not intend to use a large screen. But if you want the best Switch, then it’s the Switch Oled that you should choose without hesitation.

WE love

  • The more spacious Oled screen
  • The perfectly stable swivel stand
  • Ethernet port
  • The three play experiences

We love less

  • The difficult opening of the access door to the game cartridge
  • No change in processor or resolution in TV mode

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