Nightingale brings you new updates before release and shows 8 minutes of gameplay

The survival game Nightingale starts early access in a few days. The developers published an extensive gameplay video shortly before the launch and brought updates based on previous community feedback.

The development studio “Inflexion Games” published an 8-minute gameplay video on YouTube, providing a comprehensive insight into the fantastic world that you will soon be able to explore for yourself.

In addition, a pre-launch update introduced some changes based on feedback from the community and findings from stress tests.

You can watch Nightingale’s new 8-minute gameplay video for yourself here:

This Is Nightingale – Extended Gameplay Overview

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This is what the pre-launch updates give you

The pre-launch updates in the game were available on February 17, 2024.

HUD improvements

On the one hand, HUD improvements were made, i.e. changes to the displays in the game. The hotbar has been adjusted and now goes from 1-0.

For this purpose, the status bar was changed and provided with icons. On top of that, the HUD will be hidden if no actions or survival pressure are triggered for a certain period of time.

UI adjustments

There were also changes to the UI (user interface). For example, equipped items are no longer displayed in the inventory and you can simply drag and drop the objects from the inventory to the hotbar (and vice versa).

Additionally, the Stamina bar is now invisible when not activated. Crafting guides are now text instead of cards and while in the menu you can also see the other menu options in the top bar.

…And more

There were also the following adjustments:

  • Controller support (but you still need a keyboard and mouse)
  • FSR3 removal (XeSS and DLSS are still available)
  • Playable on Steam Deck (but not officially supported yet)
  • When does Nightingale appear? The survival game was originally scheduled to start early access on February 22, 2024. But the release was brought forward 2 days at the beginning of February. This means the game will now launch on February 20th.

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