Night raid in Stockholm – man arrested for drug offences

The national task force raided an address in central Stockholm in the middle of the night.
A man was arrested on suspicion of serious drug offenses and serious money laundering – after the police sawed open a window and forced a door.
– If you think things have gone dramatically, it’s about wanting to secure evidence in a safe way, says prosecutor Eva Wintzell.

The raid took place on Hornsgatan in Södermalm at 01:30 on Friday night.

In dramatic fashion, the national task force, Sweden’s ultimate police resource, attacked an apartment. With a stagecoach, the police drove up to a window, sawed open a window and stormed in. At the same time, other operators from the task force forced the residential door.

– There was a loud bang and of course nasty, I didn’t know at the time that it was the police, says a witness who was woken up by the explosion that was required for the police to be able to enter.

The police denied

The security police stated that they are aware of the night’s operation but referred to the police, who in turn do not want to comment on the crackdown until next week at the earliest.

– It is a case that is connected to serious crime. I cannot say more in this case at the moment, says Sofia Hellqvist, press spokesperson at the police’s national media centre.

TV4 Nyheterna can now say that a person was arrested by heavily armed police in the residence, according to information it is a man.

– There is a person deprived of liberty suspected of a serious drug crime and a serious money laundering crime, says chamber prosecutor Eva Wintzell at the National Unit against International and Organized Crime.

Prosecutor: Organized crime

When asked why the national task force carried out the raid, the prosecutor replies:

– It’s about securing evidence, but I don’t want to give out more details than that. I have no reason to comment on the crackdown or how it went or what came out of the crackdown.

The police have had time to hold an initial interview with the arrested man.

– The person is only heard briefly and denies the crime, says Ewa Wintzell.

Eva Wintzell otherwise does not want to comment on the matter.

– We believe that this is part of organized crime, but I cannot go into any detail. I also cannot go into what kind of gang environment it is connected to. It is a matter of serious crime even if it is not a violent crime, she says.

TV4 Nyheterna has sought the arrestee’s lawyer, who does not want to make any comments.

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