Nicholas Metson sentenced – dismembered wife’s body into over 200 pieces

Nicholas Metson, 28, killed his wife and dismembered her body into more than 200 pieces.
Now he is sentenced to life in prison for the brutal murder that shook Britain.
The 28-year-old had done several cryptic Google searches before the incident.

For a week, the 28-year-old man kept his wife’s body in the kitchen. That after he hacked 26-year-old Holly Bramley to death and dismembered her body in their shared apartment in Lincoln, Great Britain, on a March day last year.

Metson told police his wife had left their home – but when police visited the flat they smelled a “strong smell of bleach” and found bloodstained sheets and a saw on a towel.

Thought body parts came from animals

Surveillance footage shows how the now-convicted man had moved a large number of bags from his apartment on the 14th floor early on March 25, 2023. He had dismembered his wife’s body into 224 pieces.

Later, Metson allegedly paid a friend £50 to help him dump her remains in a lake.

The body parts were later found, which were first thought to be from an animal. After the murder, the 28-year-old sent messages from wife Holly Bramley’s Facebook to her friends, tricking them into thinking she was still alive.

“What benefits can I get if my wife dies”

When the police went through Metson’s cell phone, they could see that he had done several Googling before the murder of Holly Bramley. Among other things, he had searched for “how to dispose of a dead body”, “what benefits can I get if my wife dies” and “does God forgive murder”.

Metson was sentenced to life imprisonment and a minimum term of 19 years and 316 days behind bars.