Nice at Easter – but soon things will turn around

The Easter weather looks like it will be really nice in most parts of the country with sun and generous plus degrees.
– I think many people will be able to sit outside and have a good time, says TV4’s meteorologist.
But enjoy the heat this Easter, because soon it will turn.

– Many have already had a nice morning, but there has also been some fog over some places. There it will be a while before lunch before it clears up and it will be the coldest in the eastern parts of the country. But then it will be sunny or at least partly cloudy for the vast majority, says Elisabeth Danielson, meteorologist at TV4.

In the north of Norrland, however, things look a little more gloomy. There, areas are affected by both snow and wind. At the very top of the north, you can count on it to last during the morning and then both the wind and the snow fall.

“I think many people can sit outside”

In time for the Easter lunch, it looks like the weather will be fine in most parts of the country.

– I think many people can sit outside and have a pretty good time. We have an area in Götaland where there are more continuous clouds, but both to the south of it and in the middle of the country it is expected to be sunny or partly cloudy.

– Many areas will have a nice day in the middle of the day today, continues Danielsson.

Enjoy the heat – soon it will turn around

During Easter, it looks like the weather will be really nice in southern Götaland.

– There it will be between 17 and 18 degrees in the afternoon. So it’s wonderful. But even there it can be foggy in the morning and then it will be fine until the afternoon, says Danielsson.

During Monday, the winds are expected to turn and pull down cold air from the north. On Tuesday, TV4’s meteorologist estimates that the cold has reached the whole country.

Avalanche danger in the mountains

With the weather conditions in the mountains, there is a significant avalanche danger in four mountain areas and the warning applies until 18:00 on Saturday evening.

– There is a fairly high avalanche risk. Today, you can count on being able to see and trigger avalanches if you venture into steep terrain off-piste, i.e. far from the ski slopes, says avalanche expert Karin Trolin.

The areas covered by the warning are western Vindelfjällen, southern Laplandfjällen, southern Jämtlandsfjällen and western Härjedalsfjällen.