NHOA, Guglielminotti: “New resources to accelerate energy transition”

NHOA Guglielminotti New resources to accelerate energy transition

(Finance) – NHOA strengthened the capital and obtained resources for a total of 320 million euroscoming from a capital increase (250 million), from the financial support of French Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (20 million euros) and come on funds provided by the European Commission (50 million) as part of the CEF 2 Transport tender awarded to the subsidiary Atlante.

“Thanks to unparalleled support from our shareholder majority TCC, NHOA has successfully completed the 250 million capital increase, obtaining 50 million from the European Commission and further financial support of 20 million from the French Cassa Depositi e Prestiti”, commented the CEO of the NHOA Group Carlalberto Guglielminotti, adding “we will then be able to expand our positioning technological global in energy storage and we will continue to invest even faster in the infrastructure of charging for electric vehicles in Europe”.

“We feel a strong responsibility towards our investors and, above all, seeers our collaborators, who work hard in NHOA – continues the manager – because they share our vision of the future day after day. A vision of responsibility towards our planet and towards our childrenwhich goes through a very simple path: fight climate change dominating technological developments globally to accelerate investments in energy storage and electric vehicle infrastructure.”

Guglielminotti then recalled the oobjectives that the NHOA Group set itself ten years ago: accelerate the transition towards clean energy and sustainable mobility, which together represent over 50% of CO2 emissions worldwide; create a new generation of elite leaders within the NHOA Groupwho work hard to accelerate this transition, with the right balance between personal and professional life, and who share the same values, the same culture and the same commitment to make this paradigm shift possible.