NFT, crypto and metaverse in the Top 10 words of the year 2021

NFT crypto and metaverse in the Top 10 words of

Since 2015, it has become a tradition; the Collins dictionary publishes the list of the most popular words of the year. Surprise: if “confinement” was the word of the year 2020, “NFT” is that of 2021!

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Collins is an essential reference in Anglo-Saxon countries, like Larousse or Robert in French-speaking countries. As such, this institution has made a habit of publishing, at the end of November, the list of 10 words that marked the year.

In 2020, as one would expect ‘lockdown’ was the most searched word. For its part, the year 2021 is marked by a marked boom in the interest shown in three subjects relating to cryptocurrency:

  • NFT »Comes in n ° 1;
  • “Crypto” is # 4;
  • Metaverse »Ranks n ° 7.

The breakthrough of the term NFT is gigantic with an increase of + 11,000% compared to the previous year. It is true that, from January, record announcements fell with a peak on March 11, 2021. That day, the work Everydays: The First 5 000 Days was sold by Christies for a price equivalent to $ 69 million. Overnight, its creator, Beeple, became one of the three top-rated artists in the world.

It should be noted that Collins brings this definition for NFT: Abbreviation of non-fungible token, the identifier digital unique record that records possession of a digital asset, such as a work of art or a collector’s item.

The presence of the terms “crypto” (up 468%) and ” metaverse (Metaverse) is another sign of the interest that has grown throughout the year around theuniverse from cryptocurrency. The announcement by FacebookAt the end of October, its decision to invest on a very large scale in its metaverse very probably contributed to the curiosity of Internet users.

What about the pandemic ? It remains present in the concerns of the population. The term “double-vaxxed” (vaccinated twice) is still No. 2 in this Top 10.

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