NextGeo, greenshoe option fully exercised

NextGeo greenshoe option fully

(Finance) – NextGeoa company listed on Euronext Growth Milan and active in the field of marine geosciences and offshore construction support services, announced that Alantra has exercised fullyalso on behalf of Intesa Sanpaolo (Global Coordinator), theGreenshoe option.

The exercise of the Greenshoe Option involved the purchase, pro-quota, of 1,200,000 shares owned by NextGeo shareholders, Dynamic Europe Srl (headed by Attilio Ievoli), VR Consulting Srl (headed by Giovanni Ranieri), PM Consulting Srl (headed by Giuseppe Maffia), FG Consulting Srl (headed by Fabio Galeotti). The price was equal to 6.25 euros per share, corresponding to the price established as part of the placement, for a total value of 7,500,000 euros.

Following the exercise of the Greenshoe Option, the placement involved 9,200,000 ordinary shares, of which: 8,000,000 newly issued ordinary shares resulting from the capital increase serving the IPO; 1,200,000 ordinary shares resulting from the full exercise of the Greenshoe Option.

Therefore, the overall amount of collection is equal to approximately 57.5 million euros while the floating stands at 16% of ordinary shares.