News from the day: 19 September

• New wetland is created in Västerås: “We are constantly looking for new locations”

The wetland between Rönnby and Gryta is ready to start digging. And according to Susanna Hansen, water coordinator at the city of Västerås, this facility is one of several wetlands planned for the future.

• M wants to see a referendum on the travel center in Västerås – the majority agree: “Will decline”

As a last straw to stop the majority’s proposal for the new travel center in Västerås, the Moderates want to see a referendum.

• Orthopedic technicians from Ukraine learn to make prostheses in Västerås

At the hospital in Västerås, two Ukrainian orthopedic technicians are currently being trained to manufacture leg prostheses. Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, thousands of people have been injured – so many that the prostheses are not enough, and a new orthopedic workshop needs to open.

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