New Xbox Series X without disc drive appeared

New Xbox Series X without disc drive appeared

1695104020 478 New Xbox Series X without disc drive appeared

There was an interesting development today and it was a new device without a disk drive. Xbox Series X appeared. Also a new controller in front of us.

new without disk drive Xbox Series As you can see above, it adopts a cylindrical structure. The new console, which emerged within the scope of the legal fight between the FTC and Microsoft, As reported, it will be launched on the market in 2024 And It will be installed on 2 TB SSD. “Brooklin” The console with the code name is for a better wireless experience. Wi-Fi 6E with Bluetooth 5.2 has connection brackets and a front USB-C carries the port. The console, which was designed based on 6 nm and reported to have PSU power reduced by 15 percent, was introduced to the market according to the official presentation image. It will be released from $499. Along with the console that will specifically increase efficiency, not power A new Xbox controller will also arrive. “Sebille” the version with the codename, Bluetooth 5.2 with Xbox Wireless 2 It will bring connectivity via and will be introduced at the end of the year. The controller, which is reported to be equipped with an accelerometer for gyroscope support, will carry a replaceable / rechargeable battery and will be built on quieter / robust buttons. In addition to the controller, which is said to have direct connection support to the cloud, Microsoft may also introduce a new Xbox Series S along with the new Xbox Series X in 2024. So when will the next Xbox console arrive? It is not 100 percent certain yet, but we can transition to the next generation in 2028. What is currently available from legal documents between the FTC and Microsoft indicates this.