New ways appeared for Fiat Egea; “Route Algeria”

New ways appeared for Fiat Egea Route Algeria

Fiat Egea will be one of the first representatives of the Italian manufacturer to enter the Algerian market with the Stellantis investment under the name Tipo.

Fiat Egea product range, which has become a very important milestone for TOFA┼× in its adventure that started in 2015, has surpassed the production of 1 million units in the intervening period. A new adventure has recently opened for the Egea family, which has been exported to foreign markets with an investment of 1.2 billion dollars in Turkey. Deciding to enter the Algerian market with the decision taken within Stellantis, Fiat wants to create a range that can meet different needs in a short time. Apart from the Egea family, which will be offered under the name Tipo in Algeria, as in European markets; Sales preparation of 500 Hybrid, 500X, Doblo, Scudo and Fiat Ducato models coming out.

2022 Fiat Egea Hybrid


The engine option to be used in the region for Fiat Egea has also been announced.

When we look at the first information shared about the process, we see that only the Sedan body type will be sent to the Algerian market for Egea/Tipo for now. Here, the 1.6-liter e-Torq unit, which produces 110 horsepower, stands out as the only engine option. With this engine, which we also see in Turkey, the model takes 11.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100, while the maximum speed is reflected in the technical table as 192 km/h. The Stellantis front announced that it has commissioned an investment of 200 million Euros in the first phase in parallel with Fiat’s entry into the market. With this move, which brings the message of a production facility in the city of Oran, the position of the group in the region will also be strengthened.