New video from assembly lines for Togg T10X

New video from assembly lines for Togg T10X

The pre-order process, which is going well, will end soon. Togg T10X A new video has been shared from the assembly lines for today.

Togg T10X In the new video shared above, which you can watch, many vehicles appear on assembly lines. The video, which reveals once again that the red color is preferred for the T10X, also shows that more than one assembly line is active at the moment. This remarkable video was made at noon. “Togg increased the number of T10X to be delivered by lottery from 12 thousand to 20 thousand” Published with sharing. The official statement from the company on this issue was as follows: “Togghas increased the number of smart devices to be delivered due to the intense interest shown in the drawing process that will determine the pre-order holders for the T10X, which will meet with users throughout 2023. After the pre-order for the T10X exceeded 100 thousand in 7 days, it took action. Togg, updated the number of smart devices to be delivered with a lottery, which it announced as 12 thousand, as 20 thousand. Transfers to be made via bank to e-Wallet for prepayment during the pre-order process will be processed until 17.00 on 27 March 2023 and the order system will be closed at 22:00 on the same day.


ToggWith this decision, the digital drawing date, which will take place in the presence of a notary public, has been moved forward by one day and set it as 29 March. Togg it will also create a backup list for 20 thousand people as well as 20 thousand lucky users. In case of cancellations in the deliveries planned for 2023, the users in the reserve list will be activated. However, those who cannot switch from the spare list to the main list for 2023 deliveries will be able to order the T10X with the new package and configuration options to be determined as of January 2024. Those who place this order will be able to receive their smart devices without entering any draw until June 2024. Prepayments made by users who are not on the main and backup list will be refunded to their accounts.

Talking about the brand increasing the number of T10X to be delivered by lottery by 8 thousand units upon high demand from users. Togg CEO Gürcan Karakaş said:

“From the beginning, we listened to our users and cared about their wishes. We paid particular attention to the purchase of our smart devices, which we will deliver in 2023, mainly by our users. For this purpose, we have increased the 2023 deliveries, which we have determined as 12.000 thousand units, to 20 thousand units by increasing 8 thousand units. With this increase, our total production will reach 28 thousand in its first year. The human resources, technical infrastructure and capacity of our Gemlik Technology Campus are at a level that can produce this figure unless unexpected situations arise that will adversely affect the mobility sector supply chain”.

Here is a previously shared assembly video for the Togg T10X: