New version unveiled for humanoid robot model Digit

New version unveiled for humanoid robot model Digit

Agility Robotics signed humanoid robot model digit We have a new version for you. Sound since Robot 2019 brings.

digit, in recent years, especially brought up by Ford is in the position of a robot model. Substantially Agility Robotics This marvel of technology, developed by the company, is especially developed for package / cargo transportation. digit, As you can see in the videos on the page Boston Dynamics’ Atlas although not as much, it has a high mobility. The robot, which has no problem climbing stairs, can lift packages / boxes up to 18 kg with its arms. Unlike the first versions, there is now only one LIDAR not a scanner, it has movable LED eyes (These eyes are placed so that people around can understand the robot’s movements.) the robot with one head, the other of sensors With its help, it can travel without crashing into the environment and appeals to many different areas. These include areas such as logistics, warehouses and industrial inspection. The company is definitely not focusing on the military side with this robot.


Due to its nature, the human-sized robot is seen as a great option, especially for monotonous warehouse management tasks. in independent structure autonomous capable of movement and suitable for collective work Agility Robotics The signed advanced robot is being developed commercially, but a clear price is not yet given for the final version. The company is currently testing this robot with many different companies, and is launching a new program for more.