New update announced for Samsung Galaxy AI

New update announced for Samsung Galaxy AI

Samsung Galaxy AI With the new update, it started to offer more language options. According to the statement made by Samsung, three new languages ​​have been added to the Galaxy AI platform: Arabic, Indonesian and Russian.

The platform also now supports Australian English, Cantonese and Quebec French. With new languages ​​and dialects added to the 13 already supported, Samsung is enabling more Galaxy users around the world to tap into the power of mobile AI. In addition to the new languages ​​and dialects, Samsung plans to add four more languages ​​later this year, including Romanian, Turkish, Dutch and Swedish, as well as traditional Chinese and European Portuguese.

President and CEO of Samsung Electronics Mobile World TM Roh, regarding the added languages: “Committed to making mobile artificial intelligence available to everyone, the addition of new languages ​​this year to those supported by the Galaxy AI platform will allow even more Galaxy users to communicate across language barriers on a grand scale unique to Samsung. We will continue to advance our technologies with innovations and pioneer world-class mobile AI experiences. “This way, we will ensure that more users are equipped with the right tools to unlock their unlimited potential.”


Highlights of Samsung Galaxy AI:

  • Live Translationperforms reciprocal, real-time voice and text translations on phone calls, making it easier than ever to make a reservation while traveling or chat with your grandparents in their native language.
  • Interpreter, It can instantly translate live conversations through a user-friendly split-screen view, allowing one person to read the translation of what the other person is saying as text.
  • Chat Assistant, It helps perfect the conversational context by providing specific suggestions for the desired intonation to ensure that the communication is established appropriately, such as a polite message to a colleague or creating a short and catchy phrase for a social media message title.
  • Note Assistant, It increases productivity in daily life by preparing summaries created with artificial intelligence, pre-formatted templates and cover pages.
  • Voice Recording Assistant, It uses artificial intelligence and “text-to-speech” technology to transcribe, summarize and even translate audio recordings.
  • Web Assistant It helps you keep track of what’s going on in the world while saving time by creating short summaries of news articles or web pages.