New track car from the Maserati front: Project24

New track car from the Maserati front Project24

New track car from the Maserati front: Project24

Maseratirevealed the super sports car project, which will be produced with 62 units and called as “Project24”. Here are the known details about the model.

Maserati introduced the brand new super sports car project “Project24” developed exclusively for track use. Designed at the Maserati Design Center and only 62 units will be produced, this high-end super sports car takes the MC20’s features to the next level. The new model, codenamed 24, produces a high-tech V6 Nettuno engine producing 740 horsepower with a new turbocharger and necessary optimizations. Project24 also features innovative suspension, carbon ceramic braking system and racing tires, as well as FIA-approved safety features. Project 24 will offer a weight of less than 1,250 kg in accordance with the brand’s lightweight construction principle, and a value of approximately 1.69 kg/hp with its excellent power-to-weight ratio approach.


Maserati Project24 in details

There are only two seats in the interior. Seats and interior design will be owned by the Maserati Design Center. There will be a safety-tested fuel tank used in race cars, a special fire extinguishing system and a safety cage. Brand officials also say that the details of the model may change from the development stage to the exit stage. Details about the model are expected to be shared in the coming months. However, most car lovers are already excited! Details will be on