new testimonies behind his resignation?

new testimonies behind his resignation

Accused of psychological violence by his ex-partner, Paris deputy Julien Bayou resigned from the EELV party.

Julien Bayou is no longer part of the EELV group. According to information from Le Figaro, the Paris MP resigned from Europe Écologie Les Verts. He also left the Green Party group in the National Assembly. The president of the environmental group in the Assembly Cyrielle Châtelain announced the news today in the digital messaging loop of EELV deputies, before formalization of the party.

An external investigation commissioned by Marine Tondelier

A decision which comes less than a month after the filing of a complaint by Julien Bayou’s ex-partner for “psychological violence”. Anaïs Leleux announced that she had filed a complaint against the former co-president of the EELV group at the National Assembly in the media Les Jours.

The resignation of Julien Bayou also comes after Marine Tondelier, national secretary of the party, noted the principle of an “external investigation” carried out by “a firm specializing in sexist and sexual violence, with legal expertise” reports Le Figaro this Tuesday . The boss of the Greens indicates that she has “received, since Julien’s suspension, several new testimonies of inappropriate behavior”. A novelty which may have weighed in the balance and in Julien Bayou’s decision to resign. “I won’t go into details here, it will be up to the investigation to do so. But I have complete confidence in the people who called me and I was able to assure them of my support, and, thereby , that of movement” explains Mr. Tondelier.

A report against Julien Bayou from 2022

Feminist activist Anaïs Leleux was Julien Bayou’s partner from 2017 to 2021. “There is something unresolved and my truth has not been told. Julien Bayou continues to appear as the victim and returns to the front of the stage. Neither he nor the EELV party draw the conclusions from what happened. They say to themselves that from the moment the press no longer talks about it, all this is behind” regretted- her in Les Jours, Tuesday March 5, 2024.

Former member of the EELV group, Anaïs Leleux had already written to the EELV sexist and sexual violence investigation unit on June 30, 2022, before attempting suicide. She notably accused Julien Bayou of “breaking women” in an email. A procedure was opened in July 2022, and Julien Bayou left office and stepped back from his title as head of the party. The latter has always denied the accusations against him. Since then, he has rejoined the environmentalist group in the National Assembly. In February 2023, the EELV cell closed the investigation into Julien Bayou, without additional investigations.