New Tag System for PS5 Games

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Sony’s games labeled Enhanced for PS5 Pro will offer improved ray tracing, frame rate and resolution features.

Sony’s PS5 Pro It will reportedly label the games as “Enhanced” to support the upgraded hardware it has developed for the game. This label indicates that games take advantage of the advanced ray tracing, frame rate and resolution features offered by PS5 Pro. Similar to the marketing strategies carried out for the PS4 Pro, it is stated that Sony will give this badge to studios that add minor improvements to the current or soon-to-be-released version of a game.

PS5 Pro Enhancements Set New Standards for the Console

For a game to receive the “Enhanced” label, it must offer a superior “target resolution” or “target maximum resolution” on the PS5 Pro, have an increased frame rate, or take advantage of the PS5 Pro’s ray tracing capabilities. According to Insider Gaming, games that include any such improvements will earn that tag. Sony is also understood to have asked both its own teams and outside developers to develop a graphics mode specific to the PS5 Pro and combine it with 4K resolution enhanced by 60 stable frames per second and PlayStation Spectral Resolution technology, similar to DLSS. In this way, ray tracing effects will be further improved.

It is stated that third-party developers received PS5 Pro development kits in January, and developers working under PlayStation Studios have access starting from September 2023. It was noted that Sony plans to launch its new console during the holiday season in 2024.

With the launch of PS4 Pro, Sony offered improved games such as Dishonored 2, Battlefield 1, The Last of Us Remastered and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Many first-party games received upgraded system support after launch, and other developers have also released updates for their existing games.