New survival game on Steam mixes RPG with crafting

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On November 17, 2022, Frozen Flame, a survival RPG with co-op and building elements, was released in Early Access on Steam. The game combines various game elements that are reminiscent of well-known titles.

What is Frozen Flame about? The setting is Arcana, a land ruled by dragons in the past. However, there was a curse that struck the land and the world has been dying ever since. The Faceless brings doom to the world and threatens to freeze Arcana in the eternal ice.

You must arm yourself with resources and gather strength to join your allies in battle against the Faceless One, reclaim the Citadel from his rule, and save Arcana.

Here’s the Frozen Flame gameplay trailer:

Frozen Flame – Gameplay Trailer

Exploring the game world, survival and crafting

What is the gameplay like in Frozen Flame? The game delivers a world to discover and explore. There are puzzles to be solved and mysteries to be revealed. You collect the knowledge of your ancestors and inherit their special abilities.

In the ruins there are monsters that you fight and huge creatures run through the game world from which you can get loot.

A big aspect of the game is crafting. You build a fortress where you can take shelter with your allies and store your resources. Because in the world of Arcana it can get uncomfortable and you need a place to retreat.

You can also assemble your own items to equip your character. And unlock additional upgrades and skills as you progress through the game to keep getting stronger.

How do players rate Frozen Flame? The game is currently rated as “balanced” by Steam users. It has to be said that the game has only been on Steam for a day at the time of writing. Accordingly, there are only a few ratings with 414 reviews. Currently, 60% of these are positive (as of November 18, 2022, via Steam).

What are the players saying in the reviews? Many players see the game as a decent early access title that they already enjoyed playing, especially in co-op.

Overall, the game world and the design are praised and the game works technically flawlessly for some users, according to their own statements.

A player also notices the mixture of different elements in the game. User Kiba comments: “Like Genshin/Conan and Valheim had a baby. It’s been fun so far. Let’s see what the future brings”.

One point of criticism that came up several times was the rather high price of Frozen Flame and the somewhat limited scope of game content.

An interesting game for co-op. A bright, colorful world. Lots of places to explore.
Fans of survival games and co-op will definitely like it.

What made me a little sad:

  • the high price at the beginning
  • Co-op for 4 people (in my opinion that’s often enough), but if you want more people in your group you have to rent a server for a fee
  • User VooDoo via Steam

    Negative comments contradict the statement in the positive reviews that the game works perfectly. Players say the game crashes on them or is full of bugs. Some also feel that the game is “not finished enough”.

    How much does Frozen Flame cost on Steam? The game is currently on the introductory offer and is discounted by 15%. You currently pay €25.49 instead of €29.99. The special offer runs until November 24th.

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