New survival game on Steam makes you the captain of your own airship, offers co-op and crafting

In the cooperative survival game Lost Skies on Steam you explore floating islands on your self-made airship alone or with friends and go to war against huge monsters.

What kind of game is Lost Skies? Lost Skies is a cooperative survival adventure in which you can freely explore your surroundings alone or with up to six other players. As the last survivor, you fight your way through a devastated, open world and pilot customizable airships.

You’ll explore floating islands with grappling hooks and paragliders, uncovering the mysteries of civilization’s downfall along the way.

The developer’s sandbox MMO Worlds Adrift also relied on huge airships and flying islands. The developer explains in a video why the Worlds Adrift servers were closed.

Lost Skies content will include exploring ancient technologies, braving ferocious storms, and fighting huge threats. The developers promise a big chunk of features on Steam.

You can check out the announcement trailer here:

Survival Co-Op Lost Skies Announcement Trailer

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Survival with crafting among the clouds

Lost Skies has these features ready:

  • Huge open world with unique floating islands
  • Solo experience or co-op adventure with an ever-expanding world
  • Islands that offer combat, discovery, and enigmatic ancient technology
  • Complex ship building system that allows to shape every aspect
  • Survival experience without having to constantly eat and drink
  • Plenty of time to enjoy the surroundings with a relaxing soundtrack or to build in peace
  • Various mobility options such as grappling hooks, paragliders and climbing abilities give you plenty of freedom to explore the islands as you wish while realizing the full potential of the game world in the clouds
  • A complex system of crafting that takes into account the weight and properties of the materials in order to obtain maximum performance
  • Epic, aeronautical boss battles against giant beings responsible for the end of mankind that will test your skills
  • Visit the Lost Skies website for more information.

    What’s up with the airships? Lost Skies’ shipbuilding system is unique and allows players to customize the hull in great detail. Individual parts can be placed freely, but one should consider the quality and weight of the materials used.

    “Your skyship is not only your home in the clouds, but also your warship that you lead into battle and fight for survival in treacherous weather,” says Bossa Games (via PC Gamer).

    Early Access is not planned

    When is Lost Skies coming out? Lost Skies is scheduled for release in 2024. So far, the development studio Bossa, together with Humble Games, are only aiming for a PC release on Steam. According to FAQs on the game’s website, no early access is planned.

    However, before launch, the community may have access to alpha and beta versions to test features and collect feedback.

    The focus of the developers is to offer a complete gaming experience at a fair price at launch. Free and paid updates are also planned to extend Lost Skies after launch.

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