New strategy game on Steam lets you build a colony on Mars

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Terraformers is a new colony building and resource management game on Steam. It is rated very positively with 87%. You can currently get it 20% cheaper.

Terraformers send you to Mars with the mission: Build a colony on the red planet. Listen to the wishes of the inhabitants, restructure the planet and discover what Mars has to offer.

The strategy game left Early Access on March 9th, 2023 and had its full release on Steam.

Here’s a trailer for Terraformers:

Terraformers – Official Trailer

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Make the red planet habitable

What is the gameplay like in Terraformers? Manage your colony, meet the expectations of the inhabitants and found new cities to keep expanding your settlements.

In addition, you send your people out to explore Mars and secure resources for yourself. Mine metals and use them to upgrade infrastructure, like a transportation system that allows you to exchange between the different settlements.

The construction system works via building cards whose resource requirements you have to meet in order to “play” the desired object and thus be able to place it. In rounds, the buildings can produce new resources again. However, you have to act quickly, if your residents are dissatisfied, this can quickly lead to the end of the game.

In addition, terraforming should not be missing. Erupt a volcano or crash ice asteroids on the planet to change your environment. You also take care of the settlement of different life forms: from bacteria to bears. However, you also have to respond to their needs here, but you can also take advantage of one or the other from the residents.

How do players rate Terraformers? The number of reviews is still manageable: Terraformers has a total of 934 player ratings on Steam. However, 87% of them are positive, which means the game performs very well on the platform – including the Early Access reviews.

Many users praise the gameplay of the strategy game, saying it is relaxed to play but still challenging. In addition, some also like the ambience itself, they like the design of the game.

But some also criticize the gameplay, saying it’s boring and repetitive.

How much does Terraformers cost? The strategy game is currently on special offer. Instead of €19.99 you currently pay 20% less and thus a price of €15.99. The special offer ends on March 16, 2023. (As of March 12, 2023).

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