New Soulslike for PS5 postpones release to avoid Elden Ring; promptly has a new competitor

Recently, Enotria: The Last Song announced a new release date to avoid the Elden Ring DLC. They don’t seem to be afraid of another Soulslike.

What game is this about? Enotria: The Last Song is a new Soulslike coming to PS5 and Steam. A later release on Xbox is also planned.

  • Enotria focuses on a more colorful setting with Italian folklore and sunny areas.
  • The world is caught in an “eternal game” and therefore eternal standstill, everyone has their prescribed role.
  • As a “maskless person” you collect masks and thereby gain various abilities that help you in the fight against the so-called gamemakers.
  • The game was originally scheduled to be released in June. However, the release has now been postponed for two months to August 21, 2024. It is still unclear when exactly the game will appear on the Xbox. After all, there are just 60 people working on it, according to the CEO.

    A new gameplay trailer now confirms the postponed release:

    Enotria shows off in new gameplay trailer

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    Why was the release postponed? The developers of Enotria decided to postpone the release for two months because the Elden Ring DLC ​​Shadow of the Erdtree is scheduled to appear on June 21, 2024. Indie developer Jyamma Games perhaps didn’t see as many chances for the Soulslike to stand out.

    However, they are not the only ones who have pushed back their release a little because of the upcoming DLC. Final Fantasy XIV Dawntrail also makes players wait a little longer because of this.

    The developers now want to make good use of the additional two months to continue working on the quality of the game, says CEO Giacomo Greco. So the team still has a little time to raise the bar.

    Who is the new competition? However, it remains questionable whether August 21st is the better choice. Because even if they have clearly avoided Elden Ring, another competitor is right on the doorstep.

    Black Myth: Wukong will be released exactly one day before. And this action RPG is definitely one of the most eagerly awaited Soulslike games of the year.

    Whether Enotria has gone from bad to worse will probably only become clear in August. If Black Myth: Wukong gets bad reviews after its release, this could actually be very beneficial for Enotria.

    Maybe the developers simply trust that genre fans are so excited about both games that they simply don’t decide but buy both games.

    There was also a new trailer for the MMORPG from the Warframe makers: The MMORPG from the Warframe makers shows a new trailer, delighting fans with gameplay