New promo code gets you a rare Pokémon – here’s how to redeem it

You can redeem a new promo code in Pokémon GO since February 17th. We’ll show you how this works here.

What kind of code is this? The code was released as part of the current local Sinnoh tour in Los Angeles, but can be redeemed by all players. It reads:

Important: These are zeros (0), not the letter “O”.

You have to pay attention to this: Android users also have to go through the web shop to redeem promo codes and can no longer enter them in the game itself. Pokémon GO recently changed that. We describe how to do it below.

What does the code do? When you redeem the code, you will receive a temporary research called “Global Hyperbonus: Ghost in the Device”.

At the end of this research, which recently appeared for a short moment for some people, you will receive an encounter with the Pokémon Rotom. This is a Ghost and Electric-type Pokémon from the fourth generation of games. The temporary research can be completed until Sunday, February 25th, 6:00 p.m.

This is what it looks like:

The research only has one step: Once you have received it, you have to catch 30 Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Sinnoh region. Once you have done this, you will receive as a reward:

  • 10 Rotom Candies
  • 479 Stardust
  • 479 EP
  • A Rotom encounter
  • Some players report (via reddit) that Rotom can even be shiny if they’re lucky. However, it is still unclear whether this bonus only applies to players who have a ticket for the local Sinnoh tour in Los Angeles, or whether everyone has a chance at the shiny.

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    How to redeem Rotom promo code in Pokémon GO?

    Both Android and iOS users must now log in to the web shop if they want to redeem codes for Pokémon GO. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Copy the promo code
  • Visit the redemption page in the webstore (to the Pokémon GO webstore)
  • Sign in with the account you use for Pokémon GO
  • A Pokémon Trainer Club account must be linked to one of the other providers
  • Enter the code and switch back to the game
  • Now you should get the new research in the game. Note: It is possible that it may take a few seconds for the temporary research to appear. In this case, wait a moment or restart the game to get them.

    Overall, Rotom research can be attributed to the Sinnoh tour, as the research task shows. All content from the upcoming global Sinnoh tour can be found here.