New patch suddenly goes live, brings a feature that many have been demanding since release

After the Xbox Showcase 2024, Patch 1.4.2 for Diablo 4 suddenly went live. It surprisingly brought the feature into the game that many have been hoping for since release: loot pets.

What do players demand? In Diablo 4, you have to laboriously collect gold, mats and Helltide embers yourself, while in Diablo 3 there are loot pets that do this for you. Since Season 28 of Diablo 3, the pets have even been able to collect equipment and use it to create crafting materials. That’s why players wanted the little companions back.

The wish for a pet was granted: Community Manager Adam Fletcher wrote on X on June 9th that Patch 1.4.2 would go live “during the course of the evening”. And it not only adjusted drop chances and bosses in the pit, but also surprisingly brought small companions to Diablo 4.

By pre-ordering the first expansion, “Vessel of Hatred,” you will receive various skins for your pets. If you missed the trailer, you can see it here:

Trailer for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred gives insight into the story of the expansion

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New patch gives you a companion

What kind of pets are these? Companions are now available in Diablo 4 that will follow you throughout Sanctuary, similar to the Seneschal Companions in Season 3. But the new pets collect gold and materials for you.

In a post on X (formerly Twitter), Community Manager Adam Fletcher describes exactly which items the pets will pick up for you and which they won’t. They pick up items like:

  • gold
  • Herbs
  • Iron chunks
  • Gemstone Fragments
  • Craft materials
  • Forgotten Souls
  • Oboluses
  • Embers in the flood of hell
  • However, your pets do not collect quest items.

    How do I get the pet? As soon as you log into Diablo 4, you will receive the quest “Loyal Companion”. Your task is to pet the “well-behaved dog” in Kyovashad. And who can say no to that? For completing the quest, you will receive the canine companion Asheara.

    Next, go to your wardrobe and equip the dog in the Companions tab. After that, you can pet him with the “Hello” emote.

    Asheara accompanies you through Sanctuary in Diablo 4. Source: Blizzard

    How does the community react? On Reddit, one user writes about the new feature: “Oh my god, finally. This is a feature I sorely missed from Diablo 3. Having to walk over every pile of gold and all the mats was annoying.” And on X, users also commented: “Pets! We’ve been waiting for this.”

    If you pre-order Vessel of Hatred, you will receive various skins for your companion. At the Xbox Showcase 2024, Blizzard released the intro cinematic for the first expansion for Diablo 4, Vessel of Hatred – and it looks pretty dark and bloody. So now we finally know the release date of the DLC: Diablo 4: Blizzard suddenly announces the release of Vessel of Hatred, coming out in October