New parenthood: best friends, they marry for a platonic union and adopt a child

New parenthood best friends they marry for a platonic union

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  • Posted on 05/28/2021

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    They love each other for the best… and for the best. Two best friends have chosen to marry and adopt a son together. There is nothing romantic or sexual in this union, according to the two young women. Reason why, according to them, it works.

    Marriage is so much more than the love we feel for someone“Jay Guercio is a 23-year-old American. In a video posted to her TikTok account and viewed 6 million times since, the bride stretches out on her.”platonic weddingwith her best friend. She explains that she and Krystle Guercio have no romantic or physical connection, but that they love each other deeply, and in a lasting way.

    This vision of marriage, atypical and on the fringes of tradition, has not failed to question Internet users. Tens of thousands of them commented on the video, curious to understand how such a union worked.

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    “I’m in love with you”

    Against the tide of romantic love, or defined as such, traditional, Jay Guercio explains that she is “in love“- in love – with her partner.”I feel the love you typically feel for your best friends, but to the power of 100Jay and Krystle’s friendship is not new. The two friends met at the LGBT center on Long Island in 2012. The friendly crush was immediate. So, last November, the two women had decided to pass the milestone and get married. The ceremony was done in the privacy and brought together about fifty people. Since then, they have lived together and have welcomed Eddie, their 16-year-old adopted son. “He doesn’t have to deal with conflicts that happen to romantic couples, Jay says, or anything inappropriate.“. The rise of new unions In recent years, new unions have emerged and shake up the codes. Economic considerations, desire for parenthood, choice of companionship, many factors can explain this rise. And the pandemic, whose loneliness has marked men and women, has deeply rebutted our social values.