New parent? Here are five girl names inspired by cars

New parent Here are five girl names inspired by cars


One of the most classic model names in the automotive world is the Italian girl’s name Giulia, which has been used by Alfa Romeo since the 1950s. Today, the model name is on a sedan, but over the years it has also appeared on convertibles, vans and coupes.

Alfa Romeo has used the name Giulia on many cars over the years – Photo: Stellantis

If the motoring interest is not shared by one’s partner, the name can easily be masked by using the Swedish spelling Julia.

In Sweden, 304 people are currently called “Giulia”, while a further 42,627 people use the spelling “Julia”.

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The bull

Tjorven is a classic Swedish name which today is not one of the most common, but which became popular thanks to the character in the TV series Saltkråkan.

The Tjorven was a popular postal vehicle in the 70s – Photo: TT

However, it wasn’t just TV that made the name famous in the late 1960s. In those days, it was not uncommon for postmen to go around in post vans of the Tjorven model.

Tjorven was built by Kalmar Verkstad AB between 1968 and 1971, and the mechanics came from DAF in Holland.

Today, 23 people in Sweden have “Tjorven” as their first name.

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A name from the history books of the car world that most people probably don’t know about, unless you’re a serious geek, is Isabella.

Isabella is Borgward’s most famous model – Photo: Pixabay

The name was used by the German car brand Borgward, which went bankrupt in 1961, on its most famous model. Borgward Isabella was produced between 1954 and 1962.

Today, 16,475 people in Sweden have Isabella as their first name.

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The Lotus Elise is one of the British sports car manufacturer’s most successful models, and was produced for a full 25 years from 1996 to 2021.

Lotus Elise is named after Elisa Artioli – Photo: Lotus

The car followed the brand’s well-known philosophy of light weight and simple mechanics to the letter. The Lotus Elise was named by Romano Artioli, who was the chairman of Lotus in the 90s, after his granddaughter Elisa. Elisa Artioli today owns the last Lotus Elise that was produced.

Both Elise and Elisa can therefore be worthy girl names to choose for those who like sports cars. In Sweden today, 15,435 people are named “Elise”, while 3,385 are named “Elisa”.

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The girl’s name Felicia became the name of the first new model from Skoda after the brand was acquired by Volkswagen.

Skoda Felica was available, among other things, in the pickis model Fun – Photo: Marcus Berggren

The Skoda Felicia was produced from 1994 to 2001, after which the model series changed its name to Fabia. The car was available as a hatchback, pickup truck, station wagon and van.

Today, 23,212 people in Sweden are called “Felicia”. How many of these are named after the Czech people’s car, however, does not tell the story.