New Minnesota law allows undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses

New Minnesota law allows undocumented immigrants to get drivers licenses

In the United States, some states are considerably toughening their anti-immigration policies. Others, on the contrary, soften it. Minnesota, for example, has decided to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain their driving license. Gov. Tim Walz signed the law this week. More than 80,000 people are potentially affected by the measure.

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From our correspondent in Miami, David Thomson

Driver’s license for all is the name of this new law in Minnesota. It was also the slogan of organizations defending undocumented immigrants who had been waiting for it for years: “ This measure restores our dignity as human beings “Reacted the director of one of them during the law signing ceremony on Tuesday, September 5 by Democratic Governor Tim Walz.

In this liberal state in the Midwest, undocumented immigrants had no longer had the right to pass their permit since 2003: restrictions imposed for security reasons after the attacks of September 11. Its lifting is therefore part of a pro-immigration logic, but also of road safety. Because according to the authorities, 80,000 undocumented people are currently driving without a license and therefore without insurance, and often without training.

From October 1, everyone will be able to get their driving license legally. In Minnesota, it is no longer necessary to be legally resident in the United States to do so. It is not even necessary to master English. The Minnesota authorities allow it to be passed in a dozen foreign languages, including Spanish of course, but also Somali, Russian or even Vietnamese.

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