New iPad models may arrive in the second week of May

Apple reduced the target for OLED iPad Pro models

According to Mark Gurman, one of the most reliable sources on the Apple side, new iPad models will be released in the second week of May. may come.

According to Mark Gurman, there will be two new ones in the first week of May. M3 with processor iPad Pro, two new M2 with processor iPadAir (One model here will have a 12.9-inch screen), new aluminum body for these models Magic Keyboard keyboard model and new Apple Pencil The pen model will be introduced together. New models in June WWDC24 Apple, which wants to introduce it beforehand, makes iPad enthusiasts very impatient in this regard. OLED models especially attract attention here, many different claims are constantly coming to the fore for tablets. For example, Apple has offered a matte coating option for the monitors it has been selling for many years (Apple calls this Nano-Texture Glass) offers. Many people like this coating because it prevents reflection, latest claims It shows that Apple may also offer a matte coating option for OLED iPad Pro models. Apple, which is thought to sell the matte coating that it will bring for the first time to the iPad side, at a higher price, may please many people in this regard because it already has the iPad. Using with matte screen film There are many people. This is said to carry thinner frames The technology giant will not organize an event for new productsInstead, it will promote through press releases and advertising videos on its official website. Of course, the new tablets that will be sold in Turkey have a significant price increase expected on the “Pro” side. It is said that Apple will directly reflect the high cost of OLED panels on the prices, so we will encounter outrageous prices, especially in Turkey.