New iPad and iPad mini are also coming, but not right away

Apple may introduce a new iPad mini before the year

New iPad Pro And iPadAir new standard alongside models ipad and small size ipad mini is coming too. But the models are far away It is located.

New lower level according to Mark Gurman ipad and small size ipad mini is also on the way, but at this stage the models are expected to be launched at the end of the year or at the beginning of 2025. These products, which appeal to those who need basic needs and want an iPad that they can control in one hand or carry constantly, will most likely only be updated with more powerful processors. Gurman, who made a statement yesterday, said that two new products will be released in the second week of May. M3 with processor iPad Pro, two new M2 with processor iPadAir (One model here will have a 12.9-inch screen), new aluminum body for these models Magic Keyboard keyboard model and new Apple Pencil He stated that the pen model was on the way. OLED models especially attract attention here, many different claims are constantly coming to the fore for tablets. For example, Apple has offered a matte coating option for the monitors it has been selling for many years (Apple calls this Nano-Texture Glass) offers. Many people like this coating because it prevents reflection, latest claims It shows that Apple may also offer a matte coating option for OLED iPad Pro models. Apple, which is thought to sell the matte coating that it will bring for the first time to the iPad side, at a higher price, may please many people in this regard because it already has the iPad. Using with matte screen film There are many people. Meanwhile, competitors are not standing idle. For example A new tablet had recently arrived from Vivo.