New information: Ola Bini escapes prison

New information Ola Bini escapes prison



full screenOla Bini, right, was arrested in Ecuador in 2019. File photo. Photo: Dolores Ochoa/AP/TT

The sentence against Swede Ola Bini will be converted from prison to a suspended sentence with community service. This is stated by Bini’s Swedish press contact Anneli Toresson after a negotiation took place in Ecuador’s capital Quito during the night.

Data security expert Ola Bini was sentenced on April 5 to prison for data breaches, but will appeal the sentence once it is in writing. However, it is unclear whether the case will be brought up.

– This means that he will avoid prison if the appeal fails, says Anneli Toresson.

Bini was arrested at Quito airport in April 2019 and charged against his denial of data breach, but no further evidence has yet been presented.