New information has arrived for Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro models

New information has arrived for Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro

Xiaomi continues to work on many different phones. Among these phones Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro models are also taking.

Expected to be launched before the end of the year Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, has been on the agenda for a while. Previously the main model of the new series will be installed on a flat 1080P OLED display information was heard. The Xiaomi 13 Pro model, on the other hand, has thin bezels. A curved OLED at 2K resolution it was said that the screen will be placed. jointly on the screens 120Hz phones that will offer a refresh rate, as it became clear with the latest leaks will carry selfie cameras in a centrally positioned screen hole. Although Xiaomi technology is in use, it is still in high-end flagships. It does not include an under-screen selfie camera.

over a single-cell battery 100W given the information that it will offer fast charging, now it is Said to see 120W phones will use a custom-developed charging chip and are on the wireless side. 50W it will charge.


It will be introduced at the end of the year as a processor in the intriguing 13 series. Qualcomm signed Snapdragon 8 Gen 2will be placed. The phones, which will be very powerful in this respect, will carry a large module with three cameras on the back and OIS on the main cameras. They will also offer optical image stabilization.

meanwhile coming soon Xiaomi 12T and 12T Pro models will appear. Directly to all their leaked details from here you can reach.

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