New information from the coach about the situation of the injured Aleksander Barkov: “Very good thing” | Sport

New information from the coach about the situation of the

Florida captain Aleksander Barkov had to leave the NHL’s second final game due to injury. On Tuesday, the coach gave an update on the Finn’s condition.

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Captain of the Florida Panthers Alexander Barkov faced the Edmonton Oilers in the second game of the NHL final series Leon Draisaitl to grind. The German striker tackled Barkov with an elbow to the head, after which the Finn left the field.

Whether Barkov will play in the third part of the Stanley Cup finals series in Edmonton on Friday was not answered at the Florida practice hall on Tuesday.

Florida head coach Paul Maurice however, told new information about the situation of the Finnish attacking star.

– He wasn’t feeling any worse in the morning, which is a really good thing. However, we will reassess the situation again tomorrow. If the situation develops, he should be fit to play. “He’s better, but we’ll have to give him another 24 hours and then see if he’s still fine,” head coach Paul Maurice said.

Even after the match, the usually relaxed and funny Maurice was like fire and nails. When asked about Draisaitl’s tackle, Maurice stated that the press conference is nothing Oprah Winfrey -show. What he would feel is irrelevant.

– I always want to appear honestly in front of the media, and of course there were emotions on the surface. But hey, I didn’t swear, Maurice laughed at the media.

– I don’t want to be silent in such a situation, but I wanted to keep my answer short. I wanted to keep my composure and I expect the same discipline from the team. I understand why the media wants to talk about it, but I’m excluding myself. I have dealt with it and moved on, Maurice continued.

In the NHL playoffs, there have been more frequent fights during the spring than usual, and the opponents’ star players have often been the target.

of Edmonton Connor McDavid has been able to muckle grief with a stick during the spring and, for example, Boston’s captain by Brad Marchand of Florida Sam Bennett hit the patient with his own trademark punch to the head during a tackle.

Situations have rarely been put to rest, not to mention suspensions.

According to Maurice, the NHL protects its star players well.

– In this regard, the game has never been as good as it is now. There is no longer a player who is constantly suspended for chasing star players. You don’t see anything like that, Maurice assured Urheilu.

– The players respect each other and like when they can tackle in high-stakes games. I don’t have a problem with that. The league and especially the players respect each other on the ice.

So far, Draisaitl has not received any other sanction for the tackle other than the two-minute penalty that was whistled immediately after the situation.

Florida won the second match 4–1 and leads the match series 2–0. Four wins are required for the championship. The third match will be played on Friday morning Finnish time in Edmonton.